Race, creed, colour and gender are important to Morena. Equal opportunities are offered to all staff members. Emphasis is, however, placed on advancing previously disadvantaged groups that will in turn enhance the composition of the workforce.

Morena’s criteria are that:

  • Productivity, efficiency and the confidence of existing management staff shall not be reduced by the implementation of these strategies.
  • Tokenism is not part of Morena’s ethos. Only competent people will be promoted to positions of which they are capable of maintaining.
  • Being a South African business, Morena emulate the cosmopolitan nature of South Africa by maintaining affirmative action employment principles.
  • Although Morena do not believe in racial quotas, they are committed to the up- liftment of previously disadvantaged communities.
  • All employees shall share equally in benefits, which in turn shall provide a harmonious and efficient labour force.